Top-Notch Farmlands in Cheemalakondur - Mothkur Road.

Visishta Green County Visishta Green County Visishta Green County Visishta Green County Visishta Green County Visishta Green County

Visishta Green County is a farmland venture at chemmalakondur, Mothkur road with access to the social amenities like well-developed access roads, well-connected to schools, access to hospitals, and village markets. Let your family enjoy the weekend in the pollution-free greenery for peace of mind. A beautiful investment for your family, planted with, some of the trees which gives you the seasonal fruits like Guava, Mango, Coconut etc.

Some of the facilities of Visishta Green County Venture are:
  • Electricity
  • 30' and 25' BT Roads with Curbing
  • Plantation with Drip irrigation
  • Gated Venture with 24X7 security
  • Entire Venture 6ft Compound wall.
  • Grand Entrance Arch
  • Beautiful structures for enjoyment.
  • Open Area for games.
  • Lifelong maintenance for plantation with 50% sharing ratio, considering total venture as single unit.

Do you wish to rejuvenate your health, spend quality time in a serene atmosphere, then you are at the right place. Visishta Green County meets all your needs.

The project is equally located to the city life and close to nature. We have meticulously planned this project ensuring that our investors get the best ROI.

While the green of nature is the predominant feature at Visishta Green County, the entire project has been designed to offer you an enriching experience. Lead a healthy lifestyle where you can stay, work, grow, and achieve a fruitful life, while not too far from the urban needs. It is the perfect opportunity for an investment of a lifetime or a luxury vacation home to spend quality time with your loved ones.